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Kenneka Cook peers through the cosmos in jazzy single "Moonchild"

Kenneka Cook delivers her unorthodox blend of jazz, electronic elements and her love for outer space. Her newest record titled "Moonchild" grants the listener a glimpse through Cook’s lens, exhibiting heartfelt lyrics and melodic themes on spirituality, technology, and social interaction. She sings "...I close my eyes I count some sheep/ When you beam right through my window/ I turn my head, adjust my pillow..." over an ethereal switch up segment in the soundscape provided by her producer Scott Lane. Vocally she retains her jazz-influenced style but musically the song pushes the envelope with its ever-evolving dynamics and off-beat instrumentation.

Kenneka Cook has always loved outer space. Growing up in Richmond, VA, she was obsessed with the moon, staring out her window at the night sky in awe of its mystery. The title track on Cook’s debut record "Moonchild", which was released on 2/23 on American Paradox, is both a product of her intense connection with the cosmos, as well as a tribute to the embracing of celestial feminine energy. The full project can be streamed here

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