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Juston Hargrove latest single is "Off The Cliff"

 Juston Hargrove delivers a heartfelt and emotional powerful message on his newest song titled “Off The Cliff". The song dwells on the daily challenges faced by people of color and it's beautifully crafted with vivid lyrics that certainly touches anyone who listens

"... You can say we're past our prime when the dollars not a worth of dime/ Too many of my kind, in the welfare line..."  he also gives his views of the capitalist environment that feed off the poor with the following  "...When the poor say what about me and the wealthy say let it be  / Kind of lets you know , where we about to go..." . He takes it up a notch as he reaches the chorus where he delivers his projection from previous lyrics  "...heading right off the cliff, look at the mess we made of this, we going down and I hope you're happy now..." 

Musically the song takes certain elements from blues, soul and jazz music which gives it that vintage feel from the jump. Adding to that, his emotionally powerful vocals are also crucial in all this as he delivers his lines like a true soul sage. 

“Off The Cliff" is off his current studio album titled 'Pitch To Johnny'. The project is sure to take you on a musical journey that you will never forget. With the mix of the powerful horn sections of the 70s and Juston’s unique acoustic, electric, rhythmic and lead guitar playing, Juston Hargrove has definitely created a sound of his own.

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