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Jamie Hancock Raps About "Hennything" [Video]

Jamie Hancock has been rapping for over a decade, from fourteen to twenty-five. Coming out of Houston, Texas, Hancock says he overcame every obstacle hoping to turn him into a statistic. In that breath, "Hennything" and the accompanying music video are both deep dives into his psyche. Hancock confronts his vices, details his need to escape his circumstances, and exposes the dangers of succumbing to your bad habits. On the hook, Hancock takes a light approach, promising that "Hennything is possible," if you just take a shot or roll up, and while the sentiment is nice, the hook belies something sinister. "Hennything" is situated on the cusp of a vice becoming a crutch, and Hancock spends the track craftily wrestling with that fact.

What's most exciting about "Hennything" is the pops of light and color. The video balances shadows with catching orange hues, and Hancock's delivery follows suit. Despite the somber themes, Hancock raps with an exuberance that gives the song a fresh spirit, but doesn't devalue its message. He does what many artists struggle to achieve: giving an sonic depth to darkness. 

When it comes to his raps, Hancock represents the South through and through, from his drawl to his luxe flow. While he acknowledges that Houston has been a hotbed for talent since hip-hop's inception, Hancock also makes it clear that he wants to be the one to put a fresh picture of his city on the map. With his joyous delivery, even in the face of such a dark topic, Hancock has the potential to be the face of the new wave of Houston artists.

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