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OmenXIII lets it all out on new album 'Corrupted'


Corrupted is OmenXIII's 5th full length project of 2017 squeezing it in just before the turn of the year. This entry into his discography continues to push the sound of this mysterious artist. The album runs 21 tracks longs and with only one vocal feature from VELVETEARS most of the weight falls on OmenXIII. Production reigns are handed out to 18 different producers including OmenXIII on three of the tracks. Most of the tracks here are shorter averaging around a minute and a half per song, but each track fits in to create the dark world presented to the listener. The passionate vocal performances are the highlight of the album. The rock influences on his style is very apparent using many different voice inflection throughout the project. OmenXIII is one of the most selfless artists making his music the highlight over any other detail of his life. He believes this to be the best way to help his fans and judging by the support on his socials, it's working. Check out this project along with OmenXIII's massive discography and stay tuned for the inevitable fresh music and show announcements to come.

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Dark Rap · Hip-Hop


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