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Richard Fairlie asks you "Give Me Your Love"

Originally from Warwickshire currently Living in London, Richard Fairlie is a 20-year-old, James Bay Sam Smith hybrid. Music has always been a facet of his life, with Fairlie being a member of The National Youth Choir of Great Britain. After a gap year during university, Fairlie decided to pursue more contemporary music and pursue full-time musicianship. "Give Me Your Love" is the product of Fairlie's time off and finding himself in the acoustic genre.

"Give Me Your Love" avoids all of the pitfalls of an emotive acoustic track, because of Fairlie's special attention to writing. Each verse is as particular as it is sensual, as it is without a wasted word. His vocal range is impressive and tempered, every vocalization and swell of energy is methodical. Make no mistake, Fairlie is not playing it safe. His guitar riffs have a thin decadence to them; the song is lush while being accessible. As a final touch, Fairlie brings an appropriate level of bounce and spirit to the track without mucking up the somber mood. This is a song stitched together by a highly perceptive musician, who can peel back the layers of an emotion without straying too far from the course.

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Acoustic · Indie


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