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Molly DeWolf releases brooding debut pop single "8 Seconds"

I tend to cover mainly Dance and Electronic music, but every once in a while I'll stumble upon an indie pop track that leaves me speechless. Enter Molly DeWolf, who just released her languid pop single "8 Seconds." It is the debut single for the Los Angeles-based songstress, but with its eerie lyrics and brooding undertones, you'd think she was a seasoned vet.

Her aching lyricism works beautifully with the bare-bones production of BRÅVES, whose elegantly minimalistic style adds a layer of pensive melancholia. "8 Seconds" is a contemplative slice of downtempo pop until the 2:32 mark, when DeWolf drops a cascading synth-laden beat that serves as the track's climax. DeWolf puts her own romances under the microscope as she sings of the various stages of relationships, examining the distance between certainty and uncertainty and the effect of time on love and pain. In “8 Seconds,” she sings about the combination of lighting and timing that lead to falling in love with someone she had known for years.

"The idea behind '8 Seconds' is knowing someone for years, being in and out of each others’ orbit, and then all of a sudden they become your person, which mirrors my own experience and current relationship. That’s a beautiful notion to me, that lighting and timing are the primary factors dictating your life and who you end up with. I’m fascinated by the idea of fate versus coincidence."

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