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Roy Blair debuts evocative new album 'Cat Heaven'

If you're young and in love, or long for this feeling Roy Blair's Cat Heaven is for you. Roy's most notable work has been with rising rap group and boy band, Brockhampton. Roy provided many vocals on Brockhampon's leader Kevin Abstract's late 2016 album, American Boyfriend. The album is 13 songs of emotion. The style on this album goes back and forth between Roy singing heartfelt anthems and increasing the tempo with a more rap-like delivery. Production on the album is bright with a strong helping uplifting strings. 

Roy's singles from this album have done well to build momentum. "Thunder" is a roller coaster of a song, produced by Brockhampton's Joba and Bearface, Roy discusses the highs and lows of being young. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes he had this to say to about the track "Wrote this song for the kid who barely made it to graduation and can’t wait to get out and change the world." The next track released was Jane which is a little more hip-hop focused with some fascinating vocal effects on the chorus. Another highlight of the album is "Switchblade" where Roy trades in his light singing for some aggressive bars around a breakup. This shows the versatility and the powerful songwriting to convey messages. This first full-length project is a strong entry into Roy's music career and with an already powerful connection to his fans he is building great momentum into the future. 

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