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"Silhouette of a Storm-Bent Tree" a modern classical masterpiece by saxophonist Nick Zoulek

Nick Zoulek is the young harbinger of modern classical music in the digital age and an accomplished saxophonist. Music production in 2017 allows for the integration of multiple mediums to take art projects to limitless levels of sound. Nick Zoulek is the kind of creative mind that lives in the free-flowing community of artist that can draw inspiration from different aspects of music, dance, short film, or animation. As a self-described hip-hop head myself, my own musical career actually began performing as a tuba player for several years and this early introduction to classical works eventually led to my fascination of artists who can re-edit these classical sounds with a modern twist. In this latest track, "Silhouette of a Storm-Bent Tree", Zoulek has truly created a cinematic sound that's truly inspiring. 

Nick Zoulek's album Rushing Past Willow has been out for over a year as a release from Innova Records but I think this latest expansion of the project is special and worthy of critical acclaim. The cold, jarring cello paired with the interpretative movement of dancer Nicole Spense is a true tour de force. Take some time and really allow yourself to get swept away in this introspective masterpiece. 

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