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Mase Well spits about keeping the "Friends Together"

Up-and-coming rapper Mase Well hails from New York City, but I didn't have to tell you that. His music leans on the punchline flows and boom-bap sensibilities of the likes of Big L. Mase Well embodies the spirit of the punchline greats that came before him, and even more importantly, he gives that energy new life on "Friends Together." He's a student of the genre, which we get from the poise with which he skirts around the jazzy beat. Syllables are stacked up and nicely stitched together, backed by cheeky metaphors and some braggadocio. 

"Friends Together" is as warm as it is impressive, a hustler's anthem second, the track is really centered around Mase Well's gratitude. In an industry as cold and fickle as music, to have a support system is invaluable. He knows that. Everything will stay kicking, his career and his happiness, as long as the friends stay together. With his head and his heart in the right place, Mase Well has the potential to come out of the city as the next lighthearted mainstay.

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