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RYCE is "Flying" through the skies alongside Limbo

Young and promising indie act Ryce bring to our attention his latest single titled "Flying". Swapping an instrumental from producer Lagris who concocts a  soulful jam that feels like a blend of vintage R&B, neo-soul and hip-hop. Vocally the young act holds his own with his unique vocal tone and offbeat approach to crafting the song as he pens a love-laden ode to an unknown love interest with lyrics like "...I'm trying to figure out why? I'm trying to figure out how...she's out of this world...". He handles the majority of the song while fellow singer Limbo pops up to seal the deal with her lush vocals on the chorus

Stream his project on: Spotify and iTunes

Connect with Ryce: Soundcloud |  Twitter | SpotifyYoutubeInstagram



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