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Findlay explores manic love in "Monomania" music video [Premiere]

Indie-rock artist Findlay is premiering her official music video for “Monomania" today— a standout single on her debut album Forgotten Pleasures. The album released in March 2017 via BMG/The End Records, and was inspired by, "the overwhelming obsession that comes with unrequited love, when you love someone so much you become manic and it's the only thing you can think about." Findlay explains, "I think love like that comes along so infrequently you have to jump on it and pray for the best outcome. I've been lucky enough to have the love I put out come back to me this time, but I've been on the wrong side of it too many times... I guess this song is a homage to all the ones who got away."

Director Ben Charles Edwards tells a story in "Monomania" that begins with Findlay getting in a rustic blue car with another man. He takes her on an adventure through an agrarian town, and visions of their relationship from past memories are brought up as they drive. The scene visualizes the couple's tumultuous journey together, and we see a glimpse of their relationship's highest and lowest moments. The vintage and hazy quality of the film brings attention to the hints of nostalgia in Findlay's voice, while still managing to stray away from your typical cliché relationship montage.

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