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Xavi B* confronts his fears on "What She Don’t Know"

Indie artist  Xavi B* confronts an ugly situation on his new song "What She Don’t Know". The one minute plus song deals with a truth to life love gone awry due to cheating partners and external elements contributing to the demise of the relationship. The mellow, somber track gives off the early Odd Future vibes with some East coast feel to it. His storytelling is graphic enough to convey the situation to the listener without undermining the rap skill. "What She Don’t Know"  is the final track of Xavi B*'s EP, 'Kold Kase: Bleu Heart.' 

Xavi B* is a Recording Artist/ Actor/ Poet from Carson, CA the same town that has birthed, brother and Sister, Ray J and Brandy and also,  Ab-Soul. Xavi records in his Hometown with Definition of Mac Squad University Music Group.  Xavi B* also coined the term  "The Teddy Bear of Hip-Hop".  Although he plans to sign to a major label someday but in the meantime, he loves being within the music industry and he truly believes music matters.

Connect with Xavi B* : Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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