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George FitzGerald's new one "Burns" as Hottest Record in the World

"The track started life as a kind of strange studio experiment making a beatless chant out of loads of contrasting vocal samples, and then morphed over time. It works as a moment on a dancefloor but at heart it's meant to be quite meditative."

George FitzGerald has ever been a crafter of beats. From the deep house work he accomplished in his earlier career, the UK producer and DJ has evolved his music into a unique sound all his own, bridging the gap between the underground and electronica. That all makes sense with his background - a crate digger and record store enthusiast and employee, he spent time in Berlin and the music scene of his hometown of London while learning his craft. Throughout his career, he's released two artist albums - Update earlier in 2017 - amongst a slew of original singles. This week marks the unveiling of his latest original entitled "Burns" - specifically by one of the foremost tastemakers in the electronic world, Annie Mac. Last night, she deemed the track the Hottest Record in the World - the ultimate prize. And it's not an empty accolade for FitzGerald, as "Burns" has the marking of a successful single, one that could climb the Beatport charts and linger for its entrancing ways and moodiness. Check it out above as it's out via Domino. 

Connect with George Fitzgerald: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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