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Chris Winston stays "Blessed" regardless of his travails

Chris Winston just released his newest single he calls "Blessed".  The Austin-based by way of LA producing emcee has been dabbling in the industry for a minute now and has released 2 mixtapes and a full length project within 2013 and 2016. He took some time off to produce for Texas based acts but he is now back in the forefront with the aforementioned single.

"Blessed" is a reflective record where the message is to remember how blessed one is despite the obvious hardship and obstacles that surrounds us all. The song also samples dialogue from the infamous Hype Williams directed crime flick, Belly. Who ever thought the film Belly would ever become a cult classic. To be honest, despite the mostly negative reviews at the time it came out, I was a fan- a very young impressionable fan of the film and I guess Chris was too. The vocal snippets add some type of lo fi feel to the track while Chris gets things off his chest with the hook Lately I been stressed out /don't why i'd be stressed now /Can't let it get to my head ,Always remember that Im blessed.

"Blessed" is taken from his  EP  'Peace' and it is produced by Vikaden . So far he has over 30 recorded songs in the stash and has released 2 EPs with plans to drop a third at the end of the year.

Connect with Chris Winston  : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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