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Calton Kelly confronts "Chaos" [Video]

Calton Kelly easily finds the intersections of pop, electronica, soulful vocals, and classically-inspired piano on his latest, "Chaos." For fans of everyone from David Bowie and Lana Del Rey to Sia and Kate Bush, Calton's music works around the boundary between the cinematic and the personal. On "Chaos," the UK-based artist's vocals are all at once astral and biting, showcasing his understanding of song structure and texture. 


The video shows a pensive and isolate Calton, baring his soul while playing the piano. Despondence rings through the searching track as Calton hits the high notes and loses himself to the rhythm of the track. Near-piercing strings underscore his vexed emotional state. Of the track, Calton says: "'Chaos' is about wanting to make a relationship work with a self-destructive individual, but being unable to ignore the feeling that this time, it will rip you both apart."

Calton is currently working on an EP to be released in the new year.

Connect with Calton Kelly Twitter | Souncloud | Instagram

Electro · Electronic · Indie · Indie Pop


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Joe Pizzaro
Joe Pizzaro
3 years ago

eh. This review is ok. A bit sophomoric.