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Nilüfer Yanya seperates herself from the pack with the entrancing "Baby Luv"


Nilüfer Yanya has nailed her aesthetic. For many young artists, the most difficult part of launching a career is finding their sound and look. After all, your sound/look is what will eventually set you apart from the hordes of other artists pouring into SoundCloud on a daily basis. And for many, being a young artist means doing covers and imitating your elders while trying to figure out your niche.

The above struggle is something Nilüfer Yanya has never had to deal with since popping up on the scene. Her voice alternates between feathery and rigid whenever the London songstress deems fit giving her a unique sound. And while some of her earlier work maybe could have sort of leaned towards the musical styling of The XX (a point to which this particular writer will gladly debate), these days she’s entirely on her own path.

Take her latest video for single, “Baby Luv” as a perfect example. Nilüfer flexes her insane vocal range to muse about repressing emotions over nothing but a simple, consistent guitar riff that is both beautiful and contagious. Meanwhile, the visuals line up well with the late 80s/early 90s look she has consistently hit in all of her previous videos. Everything from inflatable chairs and guitars to the way she dresses is perfectly manicured to fit her overall aesthetic.

The video itself follows Nilüfer throughout a trip at what one can only assume is a usual summer break destination. It features everything from arcades and swimming pools to ocean coves and sandy beaches, giving the whole thing a “Summer of Love Lost” type of vibe.

With a consistently stellar catalog and a unique aesthetic and sound, Nilüfer is on pace to shake up the music world. If you’ve ever wanted to see a megastar before she broke into the mainstream, your chance is resting a few paragraphs above.


Connect with Nilüfer Yanya: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


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