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DaniLeigh transitions from background dancer to foreground star in "Play"

This summer DaniLeigh joined the legendary Def Jam for her debut release Summer with Friends. The 22 year old Miami born artist is no newcomer to the entertainment industry, as she was previously a dancer for artists such as  Meghan Trainor, Pitbull and Pharell. Another high point on her musical journey is her oppurtunity to work with Prince before his passing. Her Dominican influence bleeds into much of her music and dance and with influences like Missy Elliot and Aaliyah her potential to construct entertaining content is large. Here, she executes on that potential. This beautiful music video for her hit song off Summer with Friends, "Play" exemplifies Dani's style perfectly and is also a great introduction to her as an artist. In both the video and lyrics her and her girls are taking over and Dani plans on bringing this momentum into real life. She explains "Play" by saying her getting the chance to sign as an artist is her big 'play' and she needed a chance to express how important it was to her. Check out the rest of Summer with Friends and stay tuned to DaniLeigh with the links below. 


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