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Soul Surgery and Jay Dunham summon the gods on "Ptah"

In Egyptian mythology, Ptah is the god of craftsmen - a creator god said to have brought all things to being by simply thinking them, and speaking their names. Two modern day Belgian craftsmen of sound, Soul Surgery and Jay Dunham, honor this iconic creator with their collaboration "Ptah" on Pinnacle Collective. Slick, vibey, and soulful, "Ptah"'s stirring chorus evokes the distinct tonality of traditional Egyptian flute. The collision of groovy house and mysterious ancient melody is pitch perfect, and the tasteful curation of Soul Surgery and Jay Dunham is apparent. The song's description reads - "Have respect for your work. Your body and mind are a blessing. Create, and never stop." 

Connect with Soul Surgery: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with Jay Dunham: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter



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