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Jaykae & Murkage Dave take in the sights of Paris, in "Every Country" [Video]

When you think of rap music in the UK, a lot of people's attention focuses on London, especially with the amount of light shone from superstar's such as Drake. However if you travel a little further up north from England's capital, you'll reach a buzzing rap hive that's just a renown as it's London peers. Birmingham, aka England's second captial has been overflowing with rap talent for years now, and one person who's been leading by example is Jaykae.

Born & bred in the city, Jaykae is the embodiment of Birmingham rap, with his face and voice instantly recognizable for many across the scene. 2017 has seen the rapper really step his game up, catching the eye of fellow Birmingham native and U.K. legend Mike Skinner, and releasing some of the hottest singles in the rap world over on UK shores.  This week he released his brand new single "Every Country", which see's him join up with fellow UK don Murkage Dave who provides the silkiest of hooks over the Skepta produced beat. Jaykae raps about how his life has changed by doing music, going from stashing money in shoe boxes, to traveling across the globe playing shows and owning his own house. The flow that he uses sits so well over the chilled garage instrumental, and when you add in a silky hook from Dave, you have all the elements of a summer anthem.

Connect with Jaykae & Murkage Dave: Jaykae's Twitter | Murkage Dave's Twitter | Jaykae's Soundcloud

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