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Your Old Droog and Heems link up for "Bangladesh" [Video]

New York rap soldier Your Old Droog follows up the release of his latest stormy LP Packs, with visuals for “Bangladesh,” featuring the Das Racist emcee Heems. The video doubles as a restaurant crawl, with Droog after my own heart as he takes a seat at the Ukrainian joint. In almost every shot, you can catch him rolling the three dice that accent the cover of the album. All of their chemistry on the track translates into a video where neither Droog nor Heems take themselves too seriously.

Droog stacks up rhymes with that stone-faced New York calm. His dusky voice adds just the right amount of menace to the track before Heems take it away with a verse so well put together, he might as well be draping the song in silk. Beyond expanding the universe of the album, these visuals will only increase the need for a Your Old Droog and Heems' collaborative project.

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