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Slander release dreamy track "Superhuman" with Eric Leva

If there's one notable characteristic of production duo Slander, it's their dexterity in varying energies through their music. The duo are able to whip up hard trap classics like "Dead", but also flaunt their emotional side in the ballad "Love Again". This diversity makes for a dynamic breadth, calling in a wide range of audiences for Slander, resulting in their successes. After having wrapped up a stellar set at EDC last week, Slander are kicking off the summer just right with a fresh track to grace your ears titled "Superhuman" ft. Eric Leva. And though you may be expecting a festival banger for the upcoming season, this one falls on the poignant "Love Again" side of the spectrum, delivering to you the deepest feels. Released off Monstercat, "Superhuman" is the type of track that mimics that "butterflies in your stomach, lump in your throat" feel. Its feathery lyricism and lustful vocals from Eric Leva pump euphoric vibes throughout the track. Slander's bittersweet piano chords & sweet melodies will take you on a blissful sonic whirlwind. And yet again, Slander strengthens their emotional connection with audiences in "Superhuman", proving their capabilities in creating timeless yet meaningful bangers.

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