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Whethan unveils impressive debut single "Can't Hide" ft. Ashe

Whethan's a name steadily on the rise since his inception into the electronic music world. If you can look past "Whethan's" alias' similarity to your kindergarten days cracker snack, you'll come to find raw talent in the producer.  At a mere 17 years old, the young Chicago based producer has already began to turn heads with his colourful remixes. The producer has also been said to have been in studio with EDM head honchos Skrillex and Flux Pavillion. Additionally, the artist has recently announced his support for Flosstradamus' "Hi Def Youth Tour". 

As the producer finds his strength in the trendiness of future bass these days, Whethan's latest original pushes him forward as a producer with a skill to develop timeless tracks. "Can't Hide" features San Diego based chanteuse Ashe. Commencing the track with an inviting whistle, Whethan takes on a more organic approach to this pop-riddled tune. Within the creative twists of Whethan's sound design and Ashe's catchy sweet vocals, Whethan tastefully develops a delectable electronic meets pop sound. Shining as a light and catchy tune, "Can't Hide" takes the cake as Whethan's best work to showcase his polished and mature sound. 

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