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Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book already stands as a contestant as one of 2016's best albums. His gospel-inspired concepts and soul driven work embrace an organically timeless sound. The smoothness and raw energies present in the rapper's rhymes and beats are transparent, depicting his game-changing approach to music. In our fourth edition of Two Fresh TWOsDAYS, the enigmatic duo deliver a refreshing rework of Chance's "Blessings" off Coloring Book. The original track was unveiled live on Jimmy Fallon and instantly took the internet by storm with anticipation for the upcoming album. 

Introducing the beat with pitched vocal manipulations and a silky synth overtone, the scene is set as uplifting and bright. Plucky dips and glitchy remnants riddle the flow of the track, keeping listeners engaged yet on the edge. The sparkly rework is a perfect summer tune, with a plump bass enveloping old school inspired vocals. In this Tuesday's beat, Two Fresh do no disappoint, providing us with an extremely justified tribute to Chance's work. This fresh beat brought to you by Kendo and Shweez will reel in all the necessary feel good vibes to start your week right.


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