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LeXus continues to expand her sound on "BlueeeandGold"

Since making her introduction as a richly voiced neo-soul singer with 2012’s NOSTALGIA album, singer-songwriter Alexis “LeXus” Hayward has gone on an artful journey that has seen her expand her talents into several different areas in the music field. As of late, she has put a ton of energy into introducing audiences to her talents as a producer and arranger by releasing a series of well-received instrumental sets. With her most recent release–the freshly pressed BlueeeandGold tape–the Washington D.C./DMV native creates a sound that vibrates between digging-in-the-crates styled bumps and a more kaleidoscopic broken-beat sounds.

While arguably more experimental than her work as a vocalist, LeX’s left-of-center beat tapes have really helped to flesh out her unique musical personality. Over time her work behind the boards has become more and more distinctive – taking on organically flowing, beautifully textured qualities that feel like a natural extension of the avant-garde beat scene that bloomed around L.A.’s revered Low End Theory music showcase.

On the BlueeeandGold album, tracks like “Pa$$ Tha Dutchhh”, “You’re My Favorite”, and “StillFeelFromFar” move with hazy and wavy Soulection-ish warmth while tracks like "DontTakeYourHandsOffDaMic" and "Add a Lil (Late Night Thoughts of U)" bubble and bounce around like grittier creations from Madlib's "DJ Rels" persona. When asked if she had a particular sound or theme in mind when she was constructing the beats making up this set, the forever laid-back art dealer says that the music is more of a collection of "capture this moment in my life" productions. She continues, "This album ties together to me, but I wanted it to be several blends of textures."

Longtime fans may be surprised to find out that LeXus started off as a beatmaker long before she ever picked up a mic as a singer. But with BlueeeandGold the enterprising singer/songwriter/producer proves that she's going make memorable music on her own terms and in whatever way she chooses.

You can check out BlueeeandGold right now, courtesy of VybeTribe Recordings, on all digital music platforms

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