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Gaptoof and Kojaque link up to showcase the Soft Boy sound on "Dreamcatcher"

The bubbling Irish production scene continues to grow and fluctuate to new exciting places. One of the leading artists in this field, Gaptoof has returned with his new track "Dreamcatcher". This track features Irish hip-hop heavyweight Kojaque and is further proof why the Soft Boy Records camp is one of the most progressive independent labels in the music scene right now. 

Following the success of his latest single "Dean Street" which featured the fantastic Kean Kavanagh, Gaptoof continues the road to the release of his new project"Dreamcatcher" is a throwback to classic sampling techniques of old with an amazing sample flip blended with live instrumentation. Kojaque flows impeccably on this track with his unique storytelling ability. The track is a perfect mix of vibe and heartbreak. You find yourself sucked into the way Gaptoof has created an instrumental with so many moving parts but remains simplistic. Along with this, you have Kojaque telling a story of love and anguish that engages the listener. Kojaques unique wordplay and is the perfect underline for the production Gaptoof has on offer. 

Gaptoof has been exceptionally busy over the past year. His Marina Tapes beat project series has received critical acclaim across the Irish music scene. On top of this, he has production on some of the hottest hip-hop projects off the Emerald Isle in the last few years. With placements on Deli Daydreams and The Green Diesel Mixtape with Kojaque and Luka Palm respectively. With other singles in 2019 like "Wandering" and "Overdue", it was an extremely busy year but Gaptoof is not taking a break. His new project It Looks Like Rain is on the verge of release. You can expect to hear unique sounds across all of this project with features across the Irish scene. 

Add this to the long list of releases rumored to be coming out of the Soft Boy Records, 2020 is shaping up to be another stellar year for the Dublin based collective and Gaptoof is flying the flag high as we kick off this new decade.

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