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Anonhi shares "Drone Bomb Me" video starring Naomi Campbell

Anonhi, f.k.a. Antony of Antony and the Johnsons, sings about the dark things in this world that we overlook.  We hear about the same problems over and over on the news, and it's like each time we hear about them they become less horrific, less tragic.  Anonhi's debut solo album is called HOPELESSNESS, but on debut single "4 Degrees," she doesn't sound hopeless.  As she dramatically sings of wanting to see all the animals of the world burn and die, the true point seems to be a wake up call, rather than a dedication to things that will eventually be doomed.  

"Drone Bomb Me," the album's second single, is quite similar.  Anonhi adopts the persona of a surviving victim of drone warfare, deprived of everyone they love and wishing that the drone would come finish them off.  It's another powerful topic, and Anohni has the rare kind of voice that could make anything emotionally heart-wrenching.  While "4 Degrees" captures hopelessness on a global scale, "Drone Bomb Me" explores it in a way that's political and personal.  

Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never helped produce on these two tracks along with the rest of the album. HOPELESSNESS s out May 6 via Rough Trade Secretly Canadian.  Check out the "Drone Bomb Me" video below.




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