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William Crooks unveils future trap track "Still Holding On" [Premiere]

At first glance of William Crooks' Soundcloud, you'll notice the artist has a substantial amount of work featured. Claiming "Online, Url" as his home, the electronic producer appears to be a child of the Internet, dabbling into modern youth's favourite electronic genres and exposing a myriad of sound from future, trap to nightcore. William Crooks has tapped into this niche with tracks such as "Prayer Hands Emoji" and "In the Rice Trap Wit My Dreamcast" which have an expansive trap sound with obscure pitched vocals chopped into the track. The product that results is a representation of an Internet-immersed generation through the use of pop samples juxtaposed in experimental settings. The music can be perceived as not only a tribute to nostalgic yearning for past technological experiences, but also as a commentary on today's subcultures which seems to ironically embrace it as their own.   

Today EARMILK is excited to premiere "Still Holding On" released via Paris-based Rooftops Horizon. The nutty track is filled with a peculiar quirks and growling synth work that will spark the interests of listeners. "Still Holding On" begins with twinkling synth work and muttering auto-tuned vocals. Eventually the vocals hang over serrated chops and ebbing bass. The addition of what sounds like the plucking of a harp adds an ethereal organic spin before contrasting with boastful hip-hop rhymes. The aesthetic found in the track is not only curated by William Crooks himself, but is developed by today's youth culture who subscribe to early sounds and technologies. "Still Holding On" is a thrilling syndication of sounds inspired by early 2000's R&B and hip hop in conjunction with niche sounds of experimental trap to interestingly bridge a gap between old and new. Check out the track below or listen on Spotify for free!



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