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Gill Chang unveils lustrous rework of Ember Islands "Need You"

As an avid SoundCloud user, many will be familiar with how Ember Island's tracks have been remixed by many, as their work effortlessly bridges the gap between indie-pop and various forms of electronic music. Light and sweet vocals from the group create a favourable target for many producers growing in the SoundCloud community including LIONE, Chet Porter and Minnesota. The group has recently released "Need You", a beautiful airy track that's sure to evoke immense emotions in listeners. Producer Gill Chang has recently released an uplifting remix of the track and is sure to excite the ears of many.

Hailing from North Carolina, Gill Chang has a steadily growing following on SoundCloud, just peaking over 20k. The eclectic producer has a substantial body of work and promotes a unique approach in the construction of his sound. Some notable tracks include original "paprika", citing influences from the Japanese film sharing the same name, with it's audibly surreal atmosphere. Additionally, the producer has also released a glistening remix of Flume's "Never be Like You", which does incredible justice to the already massive track.

In his version of Ember Island's "Need You", Gill Chang adds a future bass touch and manipulations to the track that will induce a surge of electricity through the body. The producer suitably merges the wispiness of the vocals with enticing synth work to create a solid grounding in the remix. Making use of space, Gill Chang's stylistic drops and spasmodic dispositions create a full-bodied mix, evoking euphoria in the glory of sounds selected. With this remix, there is validation in Gill Chang's talent and listeners should take note of his colourful musical tessellation, saturated in creativity and his outside of the box approach to sound design. Check out the remix below.

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