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JACKAL and Dr. Fresch show no chill in "Netflix and Kill"

Collaboration is key in the electronic world and allows for artists to not only expand their fan base, but provides an opportunity to cultivate diversity in their sound. Both Dr.Fresch and JACKAL are huge names in the industry, both making an imprint in the scene with the work they do, whether it be through remixes, originals, or live shows. The two showcase very different styles in their music, creating an even cooler and unexpected collaboration. Dr.Fresch is known for his deep reworks of tracks containing distinct bass-lines that are dipped heavy in hip-hop influence. Producer Jackal, sporting pastel pink hair shows no mercy in his filthy trap tunes, exhibiting a gritty nature that's sure to keep the clubs bumpin'. What happens when you bring the two heavy-hitters in one massive track? Absolute grime to the ears that's set to murder. 

Released just yesterday via Buygore, "Netflix N' Kill" in the past few months has already shown some traction, being teased at festivals and live shows. The track's title already alludes to the vibe of the track and is far from what we know these days to be "Netflix N' Chill". The track begins with thumping drum work, transitioning into infectious synth work over a breakbeat. Soon laser swoops and loading gun samples are weaved in to add to the badassery of the track. The drop goes hard, possessing epic screeching synths, alarming sirens and serrated bass-lines to complete a killer track, no pun intended. Check out the explosive tune below.

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