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Daudi Matsiko's "Sandwiches" is a beautiful instance of hushed dark folk [Premiere]

Today, Nottingham's Daudi Matsiko is releasing the second track from his forthcoming EP The Lingering Effects of Disconnection (out Nov 27). It's called "Sandwiches".
With a DIY feel, "Sandwiches" starts out light and airy, with plucky guitar bits and spoken-word lyricism. A change in mood occurs and is indicated by the introduction of haunting piano chords, which continue to build in pace and scope. The track climbs and climaxes, quickly progressing into a heavier and darker version of itself by the time we hit the bridge.
On the topic, Daudi describes how "Sandwiches" came to be:

"So this tune is more or less about the worst night I ever had/the build up to it. It’s not really about sandwiches. I’d been living in London the year before and discovered that at the time I was probably better suited being the occasional visitor as opposed to the heavily depressed resident full of regret and self loathing. I found that I preferred to spend time with my head under a duvet instead of with friends. I’d go days without speaking, eating or going outside. All I did was listen to Tyler The Creator’s "Bastard", read Kill Your Friends, and eat jelly babies from Sainsbury's. I ate loads of those." 

Novermber 17 – The Waterfront, Norwich *
Novermber 18 – O2, Sheffield * 
November 19 – Manchester Academy * 
November 25 – ICA, London *
November 26 – ICA, London * 
December 3 – Jam Cafe, Nottingham

* Supporting Portico

Acoustic · Alternative · Folk · Indie · Premiere


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