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Lliam Taylor completely turns around "Choosing For You" by I AM LEGION [Premiere]

Lliam Taylor is an upcoming musician with an outstanding style so far. The young and talented producer is keeping up to date with remixes of Arina Grande, Stevie Wonder, and now I AM LEGION. You can check out the premiere remix of "Choosing For You" here on EARMILK first. 

The menacing bass line starts completely twisted from the original song in an immediate way. The scorching synths tear away at the lyrics while an electric lick teases the listener. The classic lines about The Truman Show and John Malkovich stick out in anticipation before Lliam takes off. All of a sudden you're hit with a massive wave of grooving bass that puts the remix in a different league. Lliam Taylor brings a heavy attitude onto this fiery redo of "Choosing For You".

As a producer, Lliam creates his music through a multitude of speakers, such as in a studio, by a car, or even mixing through headphones. He usually starts his production using Genelec Monitors, a seamless and reliable setup. 

Lliam originally began making dubstep music under the alias Kezwik, but is shifting his perspective in electronic design. Now he's focusing on house music, without ever becoming too comfortable in one label. His new role seems fitting for more than just a name, the style of music seems innovative as well. 

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