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Rabit readies debut Tri Angle EP, 'Baptizm', shares "Bloody Eye"

Just as I started wondering why Tri Angle records has been so quiet recently, the NYC-based dark electronic powerhouse is back with some new, ferocious talent.  Responsible for artists like Clams CasinoHoly Other, and Evian Christ, the latest rumblings from the label suggest that it's leaning in a more intense and experimental direction than ever before.  Just last week they introduced us to Berlin's Lotic and his nightmarish cut, "Heterocetera," and now they give us Houston-based producer Rabit, set to drop his debut EP, Baptizm, on March 17.

Rabit's lead track from the EP, "Bloody Eye," is aptly titled, considering it's an auditory punch to the face.  Grime is hinted at throughout, but the sounds are thrown into a blender and garbled beyond anything orderly enough to be placed in a genre.  Gunshots, rap vocal snippets, and dissonant machine music are all part of the equation here, but good luck solving it; "Bloody Eye" is an unspeakable, untamable beast.  Tri Angle is done with lurking in the shadows, it's out for blood.




"Bloody Eye"

  • Tri Angle Records
  • 'Baptizm' EP out 3/17


Experimental · grime · Industrial


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