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Purple Disco Machine shows us a psychedelic world "Where We Belong" [Video Premiere]

It is no secret that Germany's Deep Funk innovator Purple Disco Machine had a remarkably successful last year, being Beatport's 6th best selling deep house artist of 2014 and having his breakthrough track, "My House," be one of the best selling Beatport tracks ever. This month, Purple Disco Machine is back after his recently launched Purple Disco Tales radio show on Sirius XM with Purple Pianos, his debut EP on Kittball Records, out February 17th exclusively on Beatport,

Purple Pianos is Purple Disco Machine's contribution to the piano house revival happening all over the world and that is particularly obvious after watching the music video for "Where We Belong," which consists of different shots and animations of individuals playing the piano. The video itself is visually stunning with its use of color and abstraction and is the perfect overlay to the funky bassline, pleasant piano chords, and infectious vocals of the track. This is definitely one video and EP you do not want to miss.

Pick up a copy of Purple Pianos when it drops February 17th on Beatport.


Purple Disco Machine - Where We Belong - Official Video on MUZU.TV



kitt ball records

Purple Disco Machine

Where We Belong

  • Kittball Records
  • 2015-02-17


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