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Mala Noche reexamines Sevdaliza's "That Other Girl" in haunting take

If you’re the type of music listener that is naturally and irrevocably drawn to badass bass, but on a hedonistic vibe, then I may have found your new favorite. This music is probably too hard and freaky for most to handle, but if that’s only enticing you, let me introduce you to: Mala Noche, a French-Portuguese producer, who presents an infectious cross between baile funk influences and everything from French-techno to electro and trap. Check out his remix of Rio-rap duo Cidinho e Doca and his remix of Danny Brown’s “Dip.”

Today, it is my pleasure to present his take on Sevdaliza’s “That Other Girl.” Here, he offers a different side to his heavy, frenetic beats, and reimagines Sevdaliza’s vocals in a beautifully eerie atmosphere. Keep your ears peeled for more delightful surprises from Mala Noche.

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"That Other Girl" (Mala Noche Perception"



Downtempo · Electronic · Future Beat · Trap


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