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Arandel takes us into a bizarre and fantasical universe [Video]

The new music video for "Solarispellis Part 1" by French mystery artist Arandel brings us into a bizarre, organic electronic universe filled with fantastical images. He prefers to keep his identity unknown in order to let his music speak for itself and it is a rare producer who is talented enough to pull off this type of anonymity. His music is interesting in that it bears witness to the new breed of contemporary classical that is currently expressed in electronically produced music. The video is one of three that will appear from his new work Section 7

Along with the soft soundscapes that we hear throughout the video, we also see visions of a ramshackle house in the middle of that desolate desert. The muted colors and soft lighting complement the track perfectly, as well as the peeling paint and the note that the protagonist leaves on the bed. He also eats silently at the table in a black and shiny pink suit while an alarm light flashes out into the desert. He struggles to walk through the sand with just a simple reflection of a hang glider before him. It is unclear where he is going, but you feel where he is in the present. 

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