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Minorstep give Bad Suns "Dancing On Quicksand" an unexpected makeover [Premiere]

Never thought i'd hear Bad Suns and bass music in the same sentence, but Vagrant Records has done it. This time linking up music producer Minorstep with Southern California rock band Bad Suns, and it's unexpectedly perfect. The futuristic, smooth sounds of Minorstep shine bright on this one, as he completely reworks "Dancing On Quicksand" into his own stylistic domain. I guess that's what happens when you take on an indie pop single. The added use of instant messaging will have you wondering if you have Facebook open and most likely make you giggle. I guess to put it simply, the random elements are as entertaining as the remix. Give it a spin and find out for yourself. 

We're looking forward to more collaborations like this one. Thank you Vagrant!  



Bad Suns

"Dancing On Quicksand" (Minorstep Remix)

  • Vagrant Records
  • 17-12-2014


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Exclusive


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