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Prelow demo "I Don't Wanna End The Night" [Premiere]

Hailing from New York, Prelow are the duo of Matt Walsh and Jesse Aicher, two 22 year olds who have gained more and more attention with each release. While they only have three songs out, their debut EP is due out early next year and should offer up more goodies to reflect upon. In prepping for the debut we present the demo of "I Don't Wanna End The Night", a song that should be right at home on what we expect to be a diverse EP.

With a glimmering underlying beat, "I Don't Wanna End The Night" shifts focus to an eerie soundscape to set the edge to which the vocals and uplifting melodies take off of. With an overall minimalistic structure, "I Don't Wanna End The Night" keeps to the tradition of changing things up from Prelow's previous release. In all, "I Don't Wanna End The Night" keeps its feel good mentality rolling throughout, alluding to more strong showings from the duo in the future.

Be sure to check out their previous release in "Mistakes Like This" to get a better grip as to what Prelow are capable of.

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