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Hunt for The Breeze's "Sky Cathedral" is an exhilirating excursion

DC-based producer, and co-founder of Moving Castle crew (*insert prayer hands and pizza emojis*), Hunt For The Breeze, caught my eye a few months ago when “aquanaut” appeared several times on my Soundcloud feed. If you go through the rest of his music, you’ll notice that he possesses a very impressive versatility: from 8-bit sounds, to the more industrial, drum & bass type, to synth-pop, jersey remixes, and what could be alien-space jams (Fuck a genre, right?).

His latest original, “Sky Cathedral,” must be my favorite though. Continuing to demonstrate his uncanny versatility, this time, HFTB comes out with a colossal, eerie banger. I’m a sucker for mean grunts and gunshots, and my reaction to the drop was, “shut up.” Now, intros often go under-appreciated, even skipped at times, but HFTB crafts one that is positively enthralling, and a vital highlight to this piece. His transitions are perfectly executed to create a mindful composition, and this makes the tune especially noteworthy.

“Sky Cathedral” is a part of Flirtini's Hearbreaks & Promises Vol. 2 compilation, described as “beat love stories." Grab the free download of "Sky Cathedral" here and pre-order Heartbreaks & Promises Vol. 2 here, coming out next Monday, November 24th. 



Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Beat · Trap


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