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Flying Lotus and MF Doom connect for a dastardly new track "Masquatch"

MF Doom never gives you what you want; in fact, he doesn't give you what you need either. He only has enough time and willpower to deliver what he wants, as is the selfish nature of a villain. Luckily, Doom is closer to the Killing Joke'Joker than he is the 70's slapstick version of the lunatic: everything he produces is thought provoking and leaves fans anxious to see what he does next. His combination of dexterous wordplay, odd lyrical content, and off beat rhyme patterns make him a unique character in the hip hop world, albeit one of the toughest collaborators. However, the same can be said about Flying Lotus' production, which might account for why their recent partnership worked out so well.

"Masquatch" features everything that you love about the two musicians: left field addictive lines lacing a multiple layered ethereal beat. Doom sounds like the mask of past, cramming as many dense rhymes into the two minute track as possible. Trying to catch each individually will take multiple listens, deciphering the message might take dedicated fans a few days.  "Hard beat sounds like Sasquatch feet" or is "Heart beat sounds like Sasquatch feet", either way, it's incredibly dope.

Flying Lotus put together an incredible beautiful track that fit Doom's rhymes like a snug glove. It is deceptively simple. The female vocals sound angelic, but edited and reworked a number of times to the point that they lose their human quality; almost fusing with the synthesizers grooving behind. What is a recent Flylo produced song without a show stopping bass line? Nothing, and "Masquatch" follows suit.

If you have Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 and XBOXOne, you can travel the streets of Los Santos listening to "Masquatch" all night long. However for the rest of us, you can travel down to Flying Lotus' soundcloud to pick up the track. 

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