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Big Wild and Josh Rubin make waves with "Shadows"

From the maker of "Venice Venture" comes an all new seasonal masterpiece to keep your head in the clouds and your hand on your heart. From West Coast native, Big Wild, comes a jam that will change your attitude about downtempo surf tunes. Imagine a beachscape layered with multicolored sand, a freshly waxed longboard, and an urge to explore the expansive width of the ocean's surface. That is "Shadows".

Featuring singer Josh Rubin, Big Wild's Jackson Stell took to the studio with a goal in mind, "inspired by his own meditation and the idea of finding yourself through nature and the unknown." He succeeded. A prolific composer, there is no question that Big Wild is going to blow up in the next few months. With the potential for live sets and orchestral additions, his multi-facetted skill set is only beginning to emerge. Keep your eye on Big Wild and you'll see what we mean.


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