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Milo Greene speeds things up with "White Lies"

Milo Greene is changing things up with “White Lies”, the first single to be released off their second album Control. I was a big fan of Milo Greene’s self-titled 2012 debut, especially “Perfectly Aligned” and “Cutty Love”. With all four members of the band being great singers, the first album had all members swap in as lead singer, creating songs that followed a similar sound and energy but each one unique to the featured singer’s own vocal style. “White Lies” mostly features Marlana Sheetz who’s voice takes on a smooth yet punctuated poppy quality. The song moves a lot faster than their previous tracks.

It will be interesting to hear future releases to see what direction the band seems is moving in with their second album; hopefully the other members still contribute to the vocals. Control is set to drop January 27th 2015.


Alternative · Pop


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