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Tre Capital Blasts Off Like a 'Gundam Pt. 1' on debut EP [Download]

With a ton of up-and-coming-rappers and producers emerging out of Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, and New York, the hip-hop heads of America's second largest city, Los Angeles, have been yearning for a newcomer to break out into the national hip-hop scene to show that the West Coast is still popping off. Nine days ago that longing was fulfilled by none other than the son of West Coast legend Xzibit who goes by the name of Tre Capital. If Capital's rapping style could be summed up in one word, it's fierce. His rhymes are edgy, his flow is raw, and moreover, his beats bang hard. The 19-year-old is capable of unleashing powerful bars that hit like a uppercut straight to the jaw, which makes it practically impossible for one to not pay attention to what the young L.A. artist has to say. This type of hard hitting, tongue twisting delivery that is signature of Capital is exemplified on his track "Javhari Bourdeau Flow" as he raps, "Whippin' with precision/ Got me spittin', no more wishin'/ How I started out with nothin', but I'm still that n***a winning," a short stanza that showcases perfectly Capital's dexterous flow. Now Capital has followed up his rowdy single with his debut EP Gundam Pt. 1

Gundam Pt. 1, is as bumping as a debut EP can get; I mean, how can it not seeing that Capital's project boasts production from starlet producer Wondagurl. The track that features Wondagurl production, also features fellow Canadian and rapper Sean Leon, who brings his own braggadocio attitude to counter that of Capital's. The combine effort of the three artists make "Prestige" one of, if not the strongest track on the entire tape. Other standout tracks on the tape include "Finito" and "Gundam," both of which are produced by Eestbound and feature a gritty trap sound. It is on these trap geared tracks that the L.A. rapper soars as he orates with the upmost confidence. This phenomena is indicative of the massive amount of confidence he exudes with each word, bar, stanza, and verse he spits. Take all those different elements into account and you get one aforementioned attribute: fierceness. 

If you have been sleeping on the Los Angeles rap scene recently, than Tre Capital just woke you up from your slumber with Gundam Pt. 1. Download the project from Capital's website and be sure to support the fierce young artist by following him on Soundcloud.

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