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Fishing Vest and Absolute Valentine remix Ben Macklin's "Can We Talk"

UK producer Ben Macklin had some gold on his hands with the release of the piano bell-driven "Can We Talk" at its release a few months ago. A seemingly smiling original of an electronica track, it didn't seem like there was a place for good remixing. But hey, there are times where it's awesome to be proved wrong right? Well that's exactly what happened today with the release of the Can We Talk remix EP out on Modal Recordings. Featuring two new faces to the nu disco scene, the EP transforms the original into a deeper vision of itself. The first, featuring French producer Fishing Vest, is one that's fit for a European seashore. With complimenting accents on the original piano synths, the melodic progression is more entrancing than we last remembered. The second features another French producer, this time by the name of Absolute Valentine. Another distinctly French sounding remix, Absolute Valentine goes a little deeper and darker to satisfy our housier needs. Check out the tracks below, we look forward to seeing more from all three of these parties involved.



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