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Spencer Brown's EP 'Chalice/Double Down' is enough to turn your night around

Picture your night is just starting off: You’re in a dark club and you’ve had a few drinks. You’re feeling pretty good. You’ve been chatting your friend or, for those of you that have had a little more to drink, the cutie next to you. And then before you realize, it’s as if someone has used a light dimmer on the conversation. Now, somehow only the music has your complete undivided attention. Your vision turns into blurs of light and dark as you gravitate to the right spot on the dance floor. The beat is engrossing. You can’t help but move to it and you just want to thank who ever created this sound that is so perfectly penetrating “just another night.”


So, who could be responsible for a musical catalyst like this? His name’s Spencer Brown, a Dallas born producer and a recent addition to Avicii’s label LE7ELS where you know he is getting some serious tips on electronic enlightenment. According to Brown’s bio, he’s dedicated to resisting being just another progressive house artist. We’d say this is pretty obvious on his latest release, the two track EP Chalice/Double Down. “Chalice” is a pure gradient track, ever building so that it works its way into your mind. And “Double Down” plucks your body’s chords so that you feel the vibrations moving down from your head to your feet. Overall, the EP's tremendous production quality is enough to turn your night into an entrancing experience with sound. A preview is below and the full EP is now available on iTunes.

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spencer brown

Spencer Brown

Chalice/Double Down EP

  • LE7ELS
  • 2014-04-01
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