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Abstract Vision pairs up with Photographer on 'Rocket'

I'll admit it: Miami Music Week inspired me. How could it not? If you're a trance lover like I am, it's the perfect place to discover new music and get the biggest dose of your favorite music that you'll get all year, all in one place. 

After a week full of Anjunabeats and A State of Trance, we've all returned home to a massive slew of releases this week, including one from Abstract Vision entitled "Rocket." While in Miami, I noticed a conversation that seemed to come up all over the place: "So what do you think of this faster tempo stuff?" Those involved were of course referencing the high intensity, 138 BPM trance or "138" as we've come to call it. Though some might fear its takeover as one similar to that which we've seen happen in festival electro, I can safely say that it's safe to ignore the fear and embrace it (reference GAIA's first live performance ever, and you'll be hooked). It's one school of thought, but it's a good one to subscribe to. With the release of the Rocket EP this week. we see the Russian duo Abstract Vision separate themselves from the masses with a futuristic uplifting track that's uniquely theirs. Now enter Ukranian producer Photographer, who earned his stripes just when "138" started to become a discussion in 2012 with "Airport," to knock "Rocket" out of the park. Check it out below as the first EP release on Unique Sense this week.

Stream: Abstract Vision - Rocket (Photographer Remix)

Abstract Vision, Photographer


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