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Mar - "Man x Woman"

If this mellifluous waterfall of smooth house serves as any indication of what is to come on Amsterdam artist Mar's forthcoming EP Form , then I will no doubt be eagerly awaiting its arrival. The track is simple, sets the mood, arouses the senses, and on top of that, has a beat that will put your body in motion. Play this electronic R&B crossover, a glazed strip of audible satin, for the lovers, friends, strangers in your life and see where things end up going.

A producer, vocalist, and writer, Mar, a triple threat with pipes as smooth as silk, is already off to a great start in 2014. Last year, he released a 5-track EP, Seeing Her Naked that shows off his talent and leaves you wishing the work had a longer track list. If you're a fan of Miguel, you'll like what you're hear on the 5 piece collection . Fellow Amsterdam talent FS Green put the rework treatment on a couple of songs from the 2012 EP and if you enjoy a good dash of house in your life, check that out too



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Electronic · House · R&B


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