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3 TEETH – "Pearls 2 Swine" (Mr. Skeleton Remix) [Video]

What better way to listen to a track by 3 TEETH with a remix video done by Nvr Mnd. The video for "Pearls 2 Swine (Mr. Skeleton Remix)" features some chaotic visuals that loop you into a hypnotic splash of industrial sound. The video syncs perfectly with the remix by Mr. Skeleton, as the video progresses so do the visuals of the remix video, which is somewhat NSFW. Nonetheless, the visuals fit perfectly into the track for 3 TEETH as the video exemplifies their glitch sound. The boys at 3 TEETH are constantly delivering little snippets of their upcoming album, as they are creating a visual preview for what they have to offer this coming year.


3 Teeth

Pears 2 Swine (Mr. Skeleton Remix) [ Video]


Glitch · Industrial


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