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Klimeks - "Glimmers"

It seems that 2014 has already got off to a flying start in a musical sense, with so many good releases being dropped onto us like late Christmas presents that we've been given from distant relatives who we haven't seen in a while. In fact, it's almost hard to keep up to speed with the new music that we're listening to, such is the quickness of the deliveries. Each new day is bringing us more dope music from some of the globe's biggest stars, and more importantly, new up and coming talent for us to sink our teeth into.

With all that being said, it's one of the UK's most promising producers, Klimeks, who brings us the latest slice of bass-drenched goodness with the hauntingly beautiful "Glimmers". Following on from his 2013 EP Overnites, the young Brit has seen the last month graced by lots of new music, including the amazingly relaxing remix of Wiley's "Born In The Cold", and now we have another original piece to satisfy our bass-filled cravings. "Glimmers" is both rich in deep bass and wavey vibes, as Klimeks takes you on a dark and murky journey. With a distant vocal sample, pitched down to give it a haunting feel, on top of a bass drenched back drop with shuffling hi hats and hard kicks making the track tick over.

This is the first offering from Klimeks in 2014 so far, and if he can keep up this kind of level then we're going to be hearing about him amongst some big names in the coming year. You can stream "Glimmers" above, and I've also included a re-work of one of his own tracks that he finished off 2013 with, as he calls it the 'waved' edition of "Tokyo Trains". Keep your eyes and ears locked to EARMILK for the latest music from Klimeks.

klimeks glimmers artwork



  • Self-Released
  • 10th January, 2014
Bass · Electronic


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