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King Krule - "A Lizard State" [Video]

From the very moment he burst on the scene at just 16 years old, it’s been abundantly clear that King Krule is a cut above the rest, possessing a knack for song writing and performing way beyond his years.

However, to merely compliment him as good for his age would sell him short on so many levels; over the course of the last few years we’ve seen the many different faces, aliases and styles of Archy Marshall. Be it Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports or King Krule, he’s always pushed creative boundaries and shown a natural, multi-faceted musical talent.

This track is a prime example of this broad musical scope; It’s rare that anybody can make angst, jealousy and the pains and pangs of adolescent heartbreak sound so upbeat and cool, more so that anyone can make subject matter such as “Fucking fat bitches” -something you’d expect to hear in a gangsta rap track, if it’s going to come up anywhere- seem like harmless boys chat. But he does, and he does it very well. The irresistible combination of brass and a chiming guitar riff take different forms throughout, initially seeming like a throwback to Ska, then spiraling into something soulfully reminiscent of The Isely Brothers or Earth Wind and Fire. Musically, it appears he’s in his element at the moment, off the back of an album like this many will be eagerly awaiting his next venture in 2014.

 The Hitchcock inspired video for “Lizard State”, taken from the already classic 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, goes to lengths capture the noir feel of the track and sees the man himself literally driven up the wall by the lady in question. You can see the brand new video in all its cinematic brilliance below: 

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