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Francis Lung - "A Selfish Man"

We can all remember becoming infatuated with the "heavy pop" act called Wu Lyf, and when they disbanded back in November 2012, our heartbreak was just as vivid a memory. While vocalist Ellery James Roberts, drummer Joe Manning, and guitarist Evans Kati have all pursued various musical ventures since the split, bassist Tom McClung most recently presents us with a bright and indie-funk offering under the name Francis Lung

It's pretty easy to fall in love with this tune titled "A Selfish Man", which was launched on Dazed Digital on January 6. As described on the premiere, "A Selfish Man" burns with a sharp melody, yet addresses Wu Lyf's tumultuous band dynamics with its lyrical content. 

You'll be able to get your hands on A Selfish Man 7" on January 16 thanks to Atelier Ciseaux.  

Funk · Indie · Noise-Pop · Pop


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